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Welcome to Our Home

Would you like to see one of our gardens?

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Welcome to our home.  Have a seat and relax.   Are you comfortable?  I love the  dark colors and the rich textures  used in the 18th Century.  I've tried to duplicate the feel of that period. 

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The chest by the door is a Civil War Field Bar, my pride and joy.  Next to it is the museum eisle that I found and  restored. Of course, that's Phancy's portrait on it.

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I love to take "junk" and turn it into something.  I "rescued" my sofa and covered it with brocade fabric.  The coffeetable is a wicker bed tray .  The persian rug picks up the colors in the room.  Baskets sit on the floor throughout the room.  

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I have found that decorating with wicker is alot of fun.  The stark white of the wicker chairs gives a nice contrast to the burgandy walls and deep colors of the rug.   Throws accent the chairs.

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Of course, what's a home without dogs?  The trunk was my grandmother's.  It was brought to Kentucky on a covered wagon from Virgina when she was just a baby.