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Sh.Ch.Spino Del Leircote


Joyce Ruigrok and Dan Delaney, Sharpshot Kennels

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Grouse Rouster's All That Jazz


Owned by Jean Brickell, Phancy Spinone Italiano andMike Mc Cormick, Grouse Rouster Spinone Italiano.Thank you Mike and Marge for our wonderful girl!  She is such a delight.

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Dazen's Bel Pomadori


Bred by Dave Badolet and owned by Jean Brickell and Jonna Palmer.  Dearie is such a wonderful addition to our family.  Dave, thank you for our gentle girl.

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ARBA Ch. Nico Del Benaco of Risky Business


Acknowledged by most as the "father" of Spinone in the U.S. , his presence can be seen even today through his children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.  With his death, we lost a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  He is truly missed by all who knew him.

Owned by James Channon, Risky Business Kennel

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Risky Business Olivia



Di Morghengo Mugsie

Owned by Marilyn Kowaleski, South Pointe

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ARBA Ch, Risky Business Kassandra


Owned by Gale and John Roberson, Spinaire

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Risky Business Saggia De Savelli


Owned by Christi and Dale Pearson, SpinOwned

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Javal Marchin' Thru Georgia


Owned and loved by Val Smith, Javal Spinone and English Cockers


There is a well known saying about this breed, which, translated from the Italian reads "A Spinone for you, for me, but not for everyone".

I have always maintained that there are no half measures with Spinoni.
You either love them dearly….or you don't have one.


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Rancecraig Pick Pocket


Owned and loved by Jane Smith, Spinone and English Cockers