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Dental Problems

Spinoni have a variety of problems related to the teeth and jaw structure. They are all probably polygenic and none are genetically related to the others‹in other words, there is no single "bad bite" gene. The problems seen in Spinoni are as follows:

the lower jaw extends beyond the upper, causing some degree of malocclusion (the teeth don't fit together properly.)  This is a disqualification.

the lower jaw does not reach proper length in proportion to the upper, again resulting in some degree of malocclusion. This is a disqualification.

Missing/Extra Teeth
Dogs will lack one or more teeth, usually pre-molars. Sometimes there will be an extra pre-molar or molar.

Dropped Center Incisors
The two center lower incisors will be shorter than the others. Sometimes they will tip forward giving the illusion of a level or slightly undershot bite when viewed from the side.

It is not recommended to breed a dog with an over, under or wry mouth. The jaw is deformed and obviously the dog is carrying defective genes. Breeding a dog with these problems is a guarantee that you are giving a significant dose of those genes to its offspring. (Rather like breeding a dog you know is dysplastic.) If an unaffected dog produces multiple affected offspring, particularly from different and unrelated mates, you should withhold that dog from further breeding. Do not repeat breedings that produce these defects. The parents and siblings (full and half) should not be bred to near relatives and should only be bred to mates from families where the fault in question is not a problem.